Francigena Luggage Transport

Your luggage thoughtless on Francigena Walk

Francigena Luggage Transport Lucca - Rome and Assisi - Rome

Via Francigena Luggage Transport

We transport your luggage each day in the following steps

  • Via Francigena : Lucca to Rome
  • St. Francis Way : Assisi to Rome

Each day leave your luggage in your Hotel – B&B – Apartment and find it in your next Hotel – B&B – Apartment.

Pick up from 8:30am

Delivery within 3:00pm

Walking on Francigena Services

With our brand Walking on Francigena you can receive all the info you need to transform your Camino into a beautiful and unforgettable experience

We give you all the info about

  • Locations
  • Maps
  • Bikes
  • Car Transfer
  • Assistance

Via Francigena Luggage Transport Price List

1 luggage

from 20€

2 luggage

14€ each luggage

3 luggage

13€ each luggage

4 luggage

12€ each luggage

5 luggage

11€ each luggage

6 luggage

10€ each luggage


Via del Castro Pretorio, 32, 00185 Rome RM

Navigator Coordinates : 41.902142, 12.506145

 (+39) 06 4455792 Rome

Our Call Center will answer you
from 8 am to 8 pm (Italian time)

Open all days, including holidays