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Baggage Wrapping Protection

The baggage wrapping service allows passengers to wrap their luggage with a protective resin plastic  completely recyclable and non-toxicThe film adapts perfectly to the shape and to the findings of the various hills andthanks to high resistance to temperature and also to the many turns of windingprotects luggage from humidityraincuts and accidental opening.

The baggage wrapping service is carried out at our Bags Free Point only for luggage storage during the day

Baggage wrappingprices

Our baggage wrapping service costs only € 6.00 (half of what you would pay at the airport).
It’s possible to book the luggage storage + wrapping via emailor selecting one from the form when booking other services.

Luggage Wrapping

6€ each luggage


With protective resin plastic

Luggage Storage

5€ calendar day

Opening Times

8:00am to 8:00pm


To drop off and pick up your luggage in our storage near Rome Termini Station you don’t need to book!

Our storage is open all days, including holiday, from 08:00am to 08:00pm.

Once you made a reservation for the luggage service, you will receive an e-mail confirming the full details of your reservation and the exact amount to be paid.


You will pay to our operator when we will return your luggage at Airport, Station or where you have requested. You will pay only when you will be satisfied with our service.

Cancel Booking

We always recommend you to book in advance our Luggage Transport Service. If you do not need it anymore, you can cancel your reservation easily and without any penalty by sending us an e-mail to


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