BAGS – FREE : Francigena Luggage Transport Terms & Conditions

The transport service, storage, shipping and connected services are provided by Bon-Bags S.r.l. who picks up your luggage, through internal and/or external drivers/agents, or through couriers, for shipments in Italy or abroad.
By entrusting your luggage, you accept our terms and conditions, on your behalf and / or on behalf of any other person who has an interest in the transportation, storage, shipment or for the performance of different services.
Only one of our authorized and fully empowered officers can agree on changes in writing to these terms and conditions.
If you entrust us your luggage with oral or written that conflicts with or is otherwise incompatible with our terms and conditions, and have not been expressly authorized and approved by us in writing, we will not be bound by these instructions. Even if the luggage transport forms part of another type of contract agreed between us, these terms and conditions apply to the contract between us entered into in relation to any transport of luggage that takes place in accordance with the contract.

The service consists in the immediate collection and delivery of luggage from / to the structures (Hotels, B&B, Apartments, Hostels, etc.) indicated in the booking.
The service request must be sent by email, whatsapp, or other type of written message, and must be accepted and confirmed by us, always and only in writing.
The luggage storage service consists in keeping your luggage at our storage for the days indicated in the booking received.
In our sole discretion, all or part of the services covered by the agreement may be carried out through third party persons or companies.
The road, and the means by which we transport luggage, remain at our sole discretion.

The object of the transport service may only be baggage containing objects of a personal nature, for which there is no prohibition on transport.
You assume all responsibility for the content, suitability for transport, and compliance with the legal requirements of the objects entrusted for the transport service.

You are solely responsible for packing your luggage. Every single piece of baggage must be packaged and closed appropriately according to its weight, shape, nature and value. Packaging and closing must guarantee the contents from deterioration and tampering. You are required to take particular care in the preparation of insulation of the internal material, to ensure adequate protection of the goods in transport operations. The internal packaging must be suitable to protect the contents from shocks and vibrations. You are responsible and responsible for any damage caused to others’ baggage, in the case of transportation of prohibited items or badly packed items.
We do not carry baggage that in our sole discretion is deemed unsuitable.
In the case of packaging, which contains more luggage inside, the amount will be charged for each individual luggage.
Max Size 65x40x30 cm
Max Weight 20 Kg
If the luggage will have significantly greater size or weight, or if we find any type of envelope or object tied to the outside of the luggage, you must pay as for 2 luggage

Objects prohibited by law, or considered dangerous according to national legislation or which, by their nature or packaging, can represent damage to humans, the environment or cause damage to other baggage transported or stored, are not allowed to transport.
We do not carry baggage containing the following items:
Live or dead plants and animals; Negotiable securities and certificates (bills of lading); Currency (paper money, coins, credit cards and travelers checks); Other non-negotiable values; Material that can be defined as pornographic or rough; Military equipment, firearms and firearms; Software containing high-value information; Technological material (Iphone, Ipad, Tablet, pc, Smarthphone, etc.); Waste; Political material; Hazardous materials; Narcotic or psychotropic substances; Works of art; Antiques; Metals (gold and silver in any form) and precious stones; Bulky goods; Documents, offers for participation in public or private tenders, value cards, meal vouchers and fuel vouchers, etc .; Architectural models; Watches; Fragile objects, such as glass, bottles, etc .; Cigarettes and alcohol;
We do not carry baggage that in our sole discretion is deemed unsuitable.

You agree that any governmental authority can open and inspect your baggage at any time.

Our responsibility for the risks of loss or damage to luggage during transport will be governed by art. 1696 c.c. as amended by Italian Legislative Decree 21.11.2005 n. 286, and therefore limited to 1€ (one Euro) for each kilogram of goods lost or damaged. In no case can we be held responsible for the breakage of luggage handles, wheels and / or rod.
For shipping services by external courier, by delivering the baggage, you accept the conditions and terms of the courier.
The liability limit referred to Article 1696 of the Italian Civil Code will also be applied in case of delay in delivery, and only in relation to damages which are duly and fully proven, and which are – direct and foreseeable – consequence of the delay.
We will not be responsible for any loss of flights or trains, of goodwill, of profit, of profit, of market, of reputation, of customers, of use, of opportunities, even if we have known that such damages or losses could occur, nor in any case for any indirect, accidental, special or consequential damage or loss determined, including, without limitation, cases of contractual termination, negligence, willful misconduct or default.
We are not responsible if we do not fulfill the obligations towards you as a result of circumstances beyond our control such as (with a list that is merely exemplary and not exhaustive): natural events including earthquakes, cyclones, storms, floods, fires, diseases, fog, snow or frost; events of force majeure including (with a list which is purely illustrative and not exhaustive) wars, accidents, terrorist acts, strikes, embargoes, local disputes or popular insurrections; national or local upheavals in land transport networks and mechanical problems with modes of transport or machinery; latent or intrinsic defects in the contents of the shipment; third party criminal acts such as theft, robbery and arson; acts or omissions attributable to you or to third parties for the work of which you will respond; an act or omission chargeable to a public official; shipment contents consisting of items that are goods prohibited by law or by this contract, even if we have accepted the transport and / or storage by mistake.
The only responsibilities attributable to us in relation to the services rendered will be those governed by these general conditions of transport.

By way of derogation from the limits of compensation, it is possible to purchase insurance coverage for carried baggage, only for loss and theft, up to a maximum of € 200 per luggage, per single leg.
The insurance does not cover, in any case, the following objects, if contained in the baggage: precious stones, precious metals, watches, plasma screens, LCD, navigators, cell phones, PCs, tablets, jewelry, money, glass, porcelain, objects works of art, antiques, documents or films, tapes, disks, memory cards or any other medium containing data or images, any object whose value individually exceeds the total insured value.
The aforementioned insurance options are exclusive for the transport of luggage along the Via Francigena, they do not cover the breakage of handles, wheels and / or rods, they do not cover consequential losses or delays in transport or cases in which the loss resulted from your failure to fulfill obligations. obligations under these terms and conditions,
If the transport is already covered by another insurance policy, we remain at the disposal of the Company which has insured the transport for any compensation, if founded, within the limits set by art. 1696 c.c.
We undertake to compensate the damages, within the limits indicated above, directly or through our insurance company.
For shipments by external courier, it is possible to purchase insurance from the courier, accepting their terms and conditions.

If you intend to file a claim for lost, damaged, or any other damage, you must comply with the provisions of national law; otherwise we reserve the right to reject the complaint.
In particular, it will be possible to make a written communication within 8 calendar days from the receipt of the luggage.
After the first report, and no later than the statute of limitations provided for by the law or applicable conventions, you must document your complaint by sending us all the relevant information relating to shipping, loss and damage. We are not obliged to act on any claim until the transportation cost due to us has been paid, nor are you entitled to deduct the amount of your claim from the freight rate.
In case of acceptance by us of all or part of your complaint, you guarantee that your insurance or third parties who have an interest will waive all rights, remedies or claims to which they could be entitled by subrogation or otherwise.

The amount to be paid for our services is that confirmed in writing by our reservations office, and must be paid in the times and in the ways indicated in the confirmation.
No penalty for written cancellations received within the day before the date, before 7pm, of the service. Otherwise the full amount of the service will be charged.
In any case, our right to proceed with the recovery of the credits in the times and in the ways provided for by the law is reserved, without prejudice to the right to greater damage.

The Court of Rome is exclusively competent for any dispute relating to the transport relationships between the parties.

The treatment will be carried out in an automated and / or manual form, in compliance with the provisions of art. 32 of the GDPR 2016/679 and Annex B of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (articles. 33-36 of the Code) on security measures, by subjects specifically appointed and in compliance with the provisions of art. 29 GDPR 2016/679.
We point out that, in compliance with the principles of lawfulness, purpose limitation and data minimization, pursuant to art. 5 GDPR 2016/679, subject to your free and explicit consent expressed at the bottom of this information, your personal data will be kept for the period of time necessary for the achievement of the purposes for which they are collected and processed.
Your data are processed for the purpose of executing the contract and commercial information; the provision of data is optional, but your refusal would make it impossible to establish commercial relationships with Bon-Bags S.r.l .; your e-mail address will be used for sending invoices and commercial information relating to our products and / or services; your data will be processed in manual, IT and / or telematic ways, will not be disclosed. The data processors (internal and external indicated below) and the categories of data processors may become aware of your data. You can contact us through our site to verify your data and have it integrated, updated or corrected and / or to exercise the other rights provided for by art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196 / 03. In particular, you can object at any time, always through our website, to the processing of your email addresses for direct sales or marketing purposes. We inform you that the data controller is Bon-Bags S.r.l. Via Alfredo Catalani, 39 00100 Rome – Data Processor the Commercial Director, domiciled for the office at the owner’s office.